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Coming to if not Gorilla Glass, then which glass screen is installed on Huawei P30/P30 Pro? While the Lite model does not have to stay in the bag in the dark, the shots are far from the low-light quality of the P30 (Pro)In addition to the triple camera you will find the P30 Pro yet another smaller camera sensor. It is only 16 megapixels in the P30 and even only 8 megapixels in the P30 lite, while the P30 Pro Huawei installed a sensor with a resolution of 20 megapixels. Haga clic, registro y descarga de firmware, instrucciones de uso, guías de usuario y mucho más.

Then I jumped to Huawei P30, to see if that comes with a Gorilla glass, but couldn’t find it …

If you can not decide between the three phones, then you are in the right place.

In addition, the maximum resolution of the super wide-angle sensor on the P30 and P30 lite is lower. From now on you can buy the Huawei P30 and the P30 Pro, soon the P30 lite will be available.

For those of you not aware, let me shed some clarity on how Gorilla Glass is different from others. Under the same test conditions, competitive glass compositions, such as soda lime and aluminosilicate, did not survive the first drop.Even other popular flagship devices such as Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+, OnePlus 6T and Xiaomi Mi 9, all are shipped with Corning Gorilla Glass 6. The P30 lite has a conventional 48 megapixel sensor. Whose budget is not limited to 400 euros, for the worth a look at the basic model.The P30 is more manageable than the Pro model and superior in terms of camera to most other phones on the market.

Huawei uses the sensor among other things for more detailed bokeh effects. Thus, the background of a picture blurs more or less depending on the distance. Yesterday, while I was running through this year’s flagship phones – like Samsung S10/S10+, Huawei P30/P30 Pro, LG G8 ThinQ and Xiaomi Mi 9 – to come up with one particular name that I am going to purchase, my eyes somehow got stuck on Huawei’s P30/P30 Pro.

Le Huawei P30 Lite est un smartphone de milieu de gamme annoncé en avril 2019. Significant differences, however, show in the charging process: While the P30 Pro is recharged after 55 minutes, the P30 and the P30 lite take about twice as long.In Germany, Huawei offers the P30 only with six gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of device memory, the Lite model is available with 4 gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of memory.

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Ahorre $ 3 con la aplicación solo para un nuevo usuarioA key role in buying a smartphone plays the price for many users. In contrast, the P30 Pro offers eight gigabytes of RAM and optionally 128 or 256 gigabytes of device memory. The P30 lite does not have an optical zoom, just a double digital zoom.

The information came from Huawei while reverting back to one of the inquirers. Please note that the glass material used for the P30 Pro is: aluminosilicate glassHere’s the user shared screenshot of the response they got from Huawei:It’s worth mentioning that if you take a look at Corning’s listing of Huawei devices that have Gorilla Glass, last year’s Huawei P20 is also not mentioned there, though its larger sibling P20 Pro is clearly mentioned.

Although installed Huawei unlike last year in the P20, now in the P30 and the P30 lite a triple camera, these differ in their construction but each clearly from the Pro model.So you have to settle for the base model with a triple optical zoom and a five-fold hybrid zoom.

The P30 lite received from us 7.4 out of 10 possible points. The P30 reaches 8.6 and the Pro model even a whopping 9.2 points.So that you can better estimate whether the extra charge for the P30 or P30 Pro is worthwhile or you can also be satisfied with the P30 lite, we will now go into more detail on the differences between the three models.One of the biggest differences between the Huawei P30, P30 Pro and P30 lite is the camera.

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HUAWEI P30 Lite Audió - TV kábel - Infra adapter - MobiltokSHOP - mobil tok, bőrtok, szilikon tok, gumi tok, táska - Do any one have any idea?Could you advise please if there is any screen protection like Gorilla Glass on P30 pro device?And here are a couple of recent tweets with users inquiring about the same. The same applies to the P30 lite. To end the confusion, I thought of verifying through Corning’s listing of Huawei phones that come with Gorilla Glass out of the box, and found Huawei P30 and P30 Pro My interest in the beautiful looking P30/P30 Pro device got me to dig in deep to see if I was only one confused about whether or not the P30 series embrace Gorilla Glass or not.I was relieved to see other users also inquiring about the same across the company’s Here’s what some users say at the official help forum:Hi people, I’ve owned amazing phone p30 pro but am not sure about it has gorilla glass 6 or any other type because it’s expensive.

That means even P20 lacked Gorilla screen.Looks like Huawei didn’t consider being vocal about the change in the glass screen being used on their devices as the concerned devices’ (i.e. Il est notamment équipé d'un triple capteur photo de 48+8+2 …

The term comes from the English "time of flight" ago, because the sensor illuminates the subject with a light pulse and calculates for each pixel, the time that the light needs to an object and back again.As a result, the distance of various objects in the field of view of the viewfinder can be measured quickly.

All three screens solve in Full HD +.There are also differences in size. With all three models, the memory can be subsequently expanded by means of a memory card. P20/P20 Pro and P30/P30 Pro) specification section at their official website provides no information about the screen glass used.